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Welcome to the bulletin board

This bulletin board was initially set up to facilitate the exchange of information on matters relating to drug and symptom control in palliative care between colleagues. Non-drug and service issues are now also welcomed. From late August 2008, we ask that you identify which category your message relates to (by selecting the appropriate check box) so that members can choose to view either both or one or the other category on the bulletin board. Older, uncategorized messages can be browsed by viewing 'All messages'.

All messages are collated into a digest e-mail and sent out, generally daily, to members who wish to receive them.

We would encourage experienced colleagues to share their knowledge with those asking for advice. We suggest the following before posting a question:

  • search the website, it may already contain the information you need
  • search the bulletin board, the topic may already have been discussed (we try not to post repetitive questions).

Please give as much relevant detail as possible to help colleagues give advice. Remember this is an international site and so please use generic drug names and avoid unfamiliar abbreviations.

We reserve the right to prevent messages which are not sent in a professional, courteous and supportive manner from being posted to the board (see Terms and conditions).

For information on how to use the bulletin board, or on how to unsubscribe from the e-mail digests, please see the FAQ section.

The UK Royal College of Physicians has agreed that reading and contributing to the bulletin board discussions on this website can count as personal study for CME purposes.

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