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Welcome to the Syringe Driver Survey Database (SDSD)

The SDSD is a database of the visual appearance of drug combinations reported in prospective international multicentre surveys and also from individual reporting. There are currently over 2350 entries.This data is categorised as ‘observational data', and a description of ‘appeared compatible’ has been assigned if there was no obvious physical change in appearance of the combination in use, e.g. discoloration, clouding, or the precipitation of particles/crystals.

Use of the SDSD

Drug combinations can be searched for using the drop down menu or by browsing the index.

It is important to ascertain whether the compatibility data displayed are relevant to the situation of intended use:

  • drug combinations may be compatible at certain concentrations but not at others, thus the concentration of each drug in the solution (the dose of each drug divided by the total final volume being used) should be compared not the dose
  • different diluents and longer infusion periods may also cause compatibility problems and the diluent used and the duration of the infusion should also be compared.

Other factors, which may not be specified, may also affect drug stability and compatibility and these may explain conflicting outcomes and reports. These include the brand/formulation/strength of the drug(s) used, temperature (ambient or body temperature), light exposure, order of mixing and delivery system material. Thus, regular close monitoring of all CSCI drug combinations is essential. For more information see PCF drug compatibility section.

Addition of further entries

We would like to encourage you to enter any unique drug combinations that you have used for which you have had little or no physical laboratory or chemical compatibility data, especially if you have experienced incompatibility. All entries will be viewed by pharmacists before addition to the live database.

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The PCF syringe driver drug compatibility charts, available in the Formulary section of the website, summarize both the compatibility data submitted to the SDSD and that from published compatibility references. Click here to view the Syringe driver drug compatibility charts.


Key contributors:

We are grateful to all who submit entries to the SDSD, without their help this resource would not have been possible. In particular the significant contributions of: Peter Armstrong (Marie Curie Hospice, Belfast, UK), Dean Blackburn (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, UK), Aisleen Haughley (Sligo General Hospital, Ireland), Gwen Klepping (Sobell and Katharine House Hospices, Oxford, UK), Radka Klezlova (John Eastwood Hospice, Mansfield, UK), Eve Sample (Burnaby General Hospital, Vancouver, Canada) and Jo Thomas (Hayward House Study Centre, Nottingham, UK). 

2009 survey contributors:

Clare Amass (Garden House Hospice, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, UK), Carla Arkless (Hospice Southland, New Zealand), Peter Armstrong (Marie Curie Hospice, Belfast, UK), Michelle Aslett (Compton Hospice, Wolverhampton, UK), Tess Barley (Evesham Community Hospital, UK), Sarah Bell (Sue Ryder Care Thorpe Hall Hospice, Peterborough), Dean Blackburn (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, UK), Vanessa Brown (Cranford Hospice, New Zealand), Elizabeth Burroughs (Mount Edgcumbe Hospice, St Austell, Cornwall), Saskie Dorman (Poole Hospital NHS Trust, UK), Fiona Dorrington (Thames Hospicecare, Windsor, UK), Madalena Feio (Unidade de Assistência Domiciliária Instituto, Portugal), Mary Fisher (Pershore Hospice, Pershore, UK), Bruce Foggo (Mercy Hospice Auckland, New Zealand), Janet Gillett (St Margaret's Somerset Hospice Yeovil), Elayne Harris (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland, UK), Nan Jolly (St Francis Hospice, Port Elizabeth, South Africa), Jenna Kitchen (St Nicholas Hospice , Norfolk, UK), Irene Lawrence (Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK), Nial Maccarron (Birmingham St Mary's Hospice, UK), Jonathan Masters (St Nicholas Hospice , Norfolk, UK), Tim McCarthy (The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London, UK), Elizabeth Miller (St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield, UK), Kirsty Muirhead (Ayrshire Hospice, Scotland, UK), Eva Murphy (Hayward House, Nottingham, UK), Walter Nasarek (Tikipunga, Whangarei, New Zealand), Brendan O'Neill (Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice, London, UK), Shan Parkes (Katharine House Hospice, Stafford, UK), Debbie Pearson (Compton Hospice, Wolverhampton, UK), Kirsten Saharia (Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust, UK), Dag Salaj (Nacka Hospital, Sweden), Philip Steptoe (Diakonissestiftelsens Hospice, Denmark), Jo Thomas (Hayward House Study Centre, Nottingham, UK), Marisa Tozzi (The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London, UK), Rebecca Walsh (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK), Paula Wilkins (Hospice in the Weald, Tunbridge Wells, UK), Marie Wright (Milford Hospice, limerick, Ireland). 

Previous survey contributors:

Helen Allsop (Ulster Hospital and Marie Curie Centre, Belfast, UK), Clare Amass (Garden House Hospice, Hertfordshire,UK), John Beale (Sobell House, Oxford, UK), Jane Butterworth (Stoke Manderville Hospital, Aylesbury, UK), Siao Ching (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Moira Cookson (St Gemma's Hospice, Leeds, UK), Judith Earl (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Margaret Gibbs (St Christopher's Hospice, London, UK), Elayne Harris (Greater Glasgow PCT, Scotland, UK), Christine Hirsch (Compton Hospice, Wolverhampton, UK), Nichola Jackson (Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK), Jayin Jacob (Hayward House, Nottingham, UK), Liz Knowles (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Carolyn Mackay (Greater Glasgow PCT, Scotland, UK), Tim McCarthy (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Ollie Minton (St Barnabas Hospice, Worthing, UK), Helen Neil (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Heather Sanders (Cranford Hospice, New Zealand), Vanessa Smith (Cranford Hospice, New Zealand), Elisa Tarr (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Jo Thomas (Hayward House, Nottingham, UK), Janet Trundle (Renfrewshire and Inverclyde PCT, Scotland, UK), Sue Watson (Cranford Hospice, New Zealand), Susan Williams (Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Surrey, UK), Paul Wilson (Fife Acute Hospitals, Scotland, UK).