Strong opioids and the relief of cancer pain

First Edition

ISBN: 978-0955254772

Produced by:
Editorial Team of
the Palliative
Care Formulary


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Strong opioids ('morphine-like drugs') are one of the most important treatments for cancer pain. But their use is often needlessly complicated by misunderstanding and anxiety. Written in question and answer form, Strong Opioids and the Relief of Cancer Pain deals with the many concerns which patients, and their family and friends, may have when a strong opioid is first prescribed. It is not meant to be read straight through from beginning to end; it is more for dipping into. Easy to understand language is used throughout which has been approved by the Plain English Campaign and carries the prestigious Crystal Mark for clarity. Some example questions answered include: Will I become addicted?

• How soon will I become pain-free?
• What should I do if I forget to take a dose?
• What can I do if the pain comes back between regular doses?
• What about unwanted effects with skin patches?
• Do strong opioids have many unwanted effects?
• What is 'spinal' morphine?